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diaspora* is a federated and decentralized social network with more than 170 active pods. As an experiment, let's see how far this post can go and how many pods we can reach.

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Après un an d'activité, Liberapay veut être l'alternative libre pou...

Après un an d'activité, Liberapay veut être l'alternative libre pour les dons récurrents

Alors que Flattr est désormais dans les mains d'Eyeo et que les plateformes comme Patreon s'installent dans le paysage, le libre peine encore à trouver des moyens de se financer. C'est ce que propose Liberapay, une plateforme lancée il y a un peu plus d'un an, qui vise à s'étendre au-delà des frontières françaises et européennes

Coucou [Liberapay](/people/ae296dc0b16f0133a1132a0000053625) !

#Liberapay #Financement #FLOSS #Économie


Wifi connected devices could not be accessed sometimes from other L...

Wifi connected devices could not be accessed sometimes from other LAN devices on #Asus RT-AC88U #router

(this post is to help people with same problem)

I have read many and many posts explaining which could cause this problem but nothing reestablishing connection in my case.

All my devices are connected on this router (192.168.2.x), and the router is connected to internet with my ISP box by DHCP (Orange Livebox / 192.168.1.x)
My Wifi printer and a small local media server are connected to LAN through Wifi. When I reboot the router, I can access them (print on printer and ssh on server) during several minutes and then not at all. There is something strange : a NAT redirection to the media server permit to access to it from internet, even when it is not reachable on LAN ???

In fact, I've made a mistake when configuring my LAN : I have specified (ISP box address) as default gateway ! So all device can access to internet, because they use this route to pass through ISP box, but there is a mess for exchange between LAN devices (and only for Wifi connected devices, I don't kwow why in fact)

To solve the problem, I've just removed default gateway address on router DHCP LAN settings and, now, it works perfectly !